• TO-39 Ball Lens

  • Optan 3535

  • Optan 235 nm


LEDs for your sensor system.

Pioneered by Crystal IS, Optan LEDs are produced on a proprietary Aluminum Nitride (AlN) substrate, delivering performance output that surpasses the effectiveness of other UVC LEDs on the market today. This technology results in devices that:

ALN substrates result in devices that:
  • Offer a wide range of wavelength options and operating conditions
  • Have higher reliability and light output at the deeper UVC wavelengths (<255nm) for precise measurements
  • Emit the total output from the face of the die for a consistent, simple emission pattern that requires fewer focusing optics

Optan T0-39 Ball Lens

Optan T0-39 has a focused radiation pattern with a narrow viewing angle of 15° with peak wavelengths from 250nm—280nm. Available in light output bins from 0.5mW to 3mW.

Optan 3535

Optan 3535 is a surface mount UVC LED with peak wavelengths from 255 nm to 275 nm.

Need help deciding whether TO-39 Ball Lens or SMD is right for your application? Read this article.

Optan 235 nm

Optan 235 nm is a surface mount UVC LED with a peak wavelength of 235 nm.